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Woke up and my whole body felt like a big bowl of spaghetti. „How am I suppose to get up?!“. Stayed in bed until the very last minute and then I jumped up and did all my morning routins in double speed than usual.

Viviana gave us her warm-up and, as always, the body just HAVE to wake up and get ready for the day. The days are coming, after more than one month from school start, when almost every day someone is sick. This morning I think two people were missing. The winter season is coming…

Ballet was to day teached by an old colleague from Susanne, since she had to watch the exams from a few students who were not able to day it at the end of the last term because of different kind of injuries. SHe was a really calm and nice teacher. We did a lot of basics but also some other stuff. It is always fun to have other eyes watching your work in class than the ordinary ones.

Tap class, this week teached by Phil Kempster since Wolf somehow has a vacation. We went through Phils warm-up and then we got ine hour in couples to work on our little piece that we have got as a homework from Wolf. He gave us a small tap-kombi and now we have to make a little scene out of it with also five lines who we are suppose to integrate in the piece. At the end of the class we had to show what we had done and what kind of ideas we have and I think that me and Christina are having some nice first ideas.

LUNCH. Had to run to H&M to get a white T-shirt for the job I am going to start work at toinght.

Vocal training with Marianne. My 45 minutes private lesson a week. We continued working on my acting text and it is great for me to have those 45 minutes alone. There is still a lot to work on but I think I am on the right path.

Another break where I could organise some scores and I also got feedback from Ralf Schädler (Casting director) regarding the audition for Wicked that I did last week. It was a very nice feedback and I got an invitation to the audition of Ich war noch niemals in New York in a couple of weeks.

Vocal training in a group. We continued reading Schiller and it was a really nice lesson. Marianne is great giving you a lot of inspiration how to work with a language (german) and at the same time having fun.

Presentaionclass where Jazz level 3 showed us their latest work with a more Broadway-style of dancing. The poor guys had to do it I think three or four times. A few people also sang before the lesson was over and, for me, it meant off to work…

I am going to update this part of how it was on my new job tomorrow cause now it is almost midnight and I have to stand up seven tomorrow. Have to sleep! 🙂

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