Being Back


We went on holidays, some of us went away, back home or stayed and relaxed, of course we enjoyed it, but the thing is, we are passionate, so nothing feels better than be back ! This is how the summer semester started: singing again, dancing again, and it feels good! Of course we are going to be tired, it’s going to hurt (stretching these legs) and we are all going to be stressed and on the edge because of the obvious situation (still in the complete dark…), but god I feel like we are alive again, because we are back at school with our goals and our dreams, and it feels amazing to work hard again and fight for it.

So of course party on beach is nice, mountains are relaxing, and thank god for mum and dad, cooking and doing the laundry, but when you are passionate, and you found your purpose, you have to go back to it.

We still don’t know what is going to happen to us, and we are still here. All of us, still dancing.

We are passionate, hard workers, and talented, we deserve more than that, we deserve more than being ignored for two months, working and being left in the dark to fight air.

Now we are back, determined and knowing that there is no other place we like more than the school where we are building our future.

Our dreams are at stake, we are young, a bit crazy and addicted to ballet, there is no way we are letting go easy, and today, first day of the semester, was just a reminder of how strong and amazing we are.

We are back.

Your Robin 🙂

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