Finally Friday!

It has been some rough days this week. Every single muscle has been filled with tension and the feeling of not getting up from bed…. A hard week for the body. Gym-training, dancing and yesterday YOGA. A new experience for most of us. Something you have to try more than once to really get a grip about it. But the, as I said, talk about keeping your body active.

8.30 No matter how tired you are, Vivianas warm up always makes you to feel better and stronger. It is the morning class that I prefer the most in one way since it really gets me awake and warm before going to the next class.

9.30 We had one of those classes today where we only worked with the bar. Some people did not really like this but the time was flying away. But it was a good lesson and everyone was awake and concentrated. 

11.00 We did our normal routines and than we got 45 minutes to continue working on our pieces. Me and Christina finished our piece with adding some nice details and somehow I was looking forward to show it later in the presentation-class…

12.15 Lunchbreak. Ate some boiled potatoes with curry sauce and a nice salad to it. I also got time to clean up a bit from the mess in my locker.

13.30 Private lesson with prof. Marianne Bernhardt. We worked on my acting text and she kept telling me about how much I am improving every time. Hopefully I will able to show that also during the exams. But lets face it. I never thought I would be able to learn this much in such a short time.

14.45 Michael Ashton and me were looking at some new songs and it is so nice to just have those 30 minutes to jam a bit. 🙂

15.15 Once again Marianne showed me how to speak german but this time also with Hannah and Mandy. We read some Schiller and it is getting there.

16.30 The presentation-class was full of motivated students which, with their teachers (in this case Harald Kratochwill), showed some pieces in working progress. My class started with „Nur ein Tag“ from Wicked which we are going to perform in Lübeck in a couple of weeks. It was cool to do it once in full costume and in front of some kind of audience. The first year sang a scene from Mary Poppins and then the second year showed their three medleys from Dirty Dancing, Ich war noch niemals in New York and Neue Deutsche Welle, which they are going to perform on Tuesday in the Handelskammer here in Hamburg on the Azubi-Gala. At the end, there was no time anymore for us to show are little tap-kombi…But next time…

18.15 So after school I ran (inclusive the subway) to work at the Neue Flora. I was placed to serve people in the bar the whole evening which was perfect. And if I am not wrong, yesterday was the first evening where Anton and Elisabeth did NOT play. Two of the guests coming to the theatre turned around and went directly to ticket office and wanted their money back… 

23.15 After a really long day I headed home and finally putted myself in bed around 1 am. 

Ein edler Mensch zieht edle Menschen an und weiß sie festzuhalten.


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