People are left out, alone, insulted, misfits and bullied. Judged because of their looks, their clothes, their life choices, sexual orientation, religion and even their jobs. Judgment create minorities and worst, within these minorities people keep on  judging each other. Cutting each other’s imagination and creativity by the fear of doing something wrong and the anxiety of being judged and categorized.Kept in cages by society and the judgment of others.

Everywhere and everyday we are pushed around because society tells us that some people are superior because of their position. People crush dreams, hopes and lives because of money, judgment and power. No one is allowed to pull anyone down, and most important no one should let anyone else pull them down.

Art liberates us and let our true colors shine, it makes us stronger, that’s why we should never let our awesome selves be stopped by judgment, money, or power. Arts lead to self acceptance and the acceptance of the others, and help us picture the world and make it a better place. Nothing could ever buy that. There is no limit in art, in creativity, no boundaries, so we should sing out and go crazy on stage and let everything inside shine, because nothing should hold us from our true selves and our amazing ideas. We are all outcasts at some points in our lives, some just make the best out of it, and become legends. I’d rather be different and live it 100 percent as myself than hide behind judgment and fear.

As artists, we will never be stopped, the only limits are the one we give ourselves. Shiller once said something like : „Life is a bitch, art is awesome“. We have the chance to be artists, we should make the best out of it, and we should never let anything stop us, this is true freedom.

Art is true freedom.

Your Robin


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