I believe a hero has been given a gift that he uses to do good.

We hear about many heroes: the guy that saved the child from the house on fire, the other that protected the woman who was attacked on a dark street, they can be policemen, firemen or doctors, and in our dreams they can fly and wear capes. Sometimes they cure illness and protect innocents, they raise money for the poor and provide for those in need. They fight for rights and justice, they make the world a better place.

Well, the heroes I know pick me up when I am down, encourage me to be a better person, stimulate me and teach me, they fight by my side, they say kind words and they sing and dance their feelings away. They are brave, they take risks, they go for what they feel and they trust their instincts. They paint their ideas on walls, and speak their minds. They feel fear but face it, they get tired but stand up, they work on their weaknesses and learn how to control their strengths, they cry and they laugh, they take responsibility and not advantage, they forgive and don’t know revenge. They learn from their mistakes. Their humanity makes them heroes.

People abuse of power, talent and knowledge to manipulate other people for money and control. Whatever the situation, we should use our gifts with kindness and responsibility, keep our words and be honest with ourselves and the others. Everyone has been given the gift of kindness and the possibility to care and make the world a better place, and through our choices we become superheroes or supervillains. Doing the right thing is enough, and doing the right thing when it is hard to do is what makes a hero.

Heroes appear at the less expected moments and they ask for nothing in return.

We have been given gifts and talent, and if we really embrace it, and share it to the world, and make people feel, react and think, we can be heroes too. We can fight our battles and we even may lose, but when villains can’t look at themselves in the mirror, and can’t take the right decisions, and will never know real respect, we will know the amazing feeling of fighting for the right thing, we will know friendship and trust, bravery and courage.

Maybe we will never rescue the child, maybe we will never get the chance to protect the innocents, maybe the bad guys will run faster and hit harder, but we will sing, we will dance and we will stand and speak in the name of peace and it won’t matter if we can’t fly above the city, because it doesn’t take more than the right message to save someone.






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