The man in the mirror

I have learned three major things in life when I started to do musical theater :

First thing is never let go, believe in yourself and in others, and dare to dream. Those dreams just might come true.

Second : Work hard and be patient. Work as hard as you can for your dreams. Hard work and patience are such important qualities.

And finally, STOP MAKING EXCUSES. You dream and you work hard and do a lot of sacrifices, but it’s all useless if you are not honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself, learn as much as you can about yourself, and be honest about it. You are not perfect, I am not perfect no one is, so stop making excuses and be the person you wanna be, become the artist you wanna be. Stop being mean, lazy or untrue. Try and make a step in the right direction, and if you make a mistake learn from it. It is hard to be honest with ourselves sometimes, but we have to be, being a good artist is hard, and it all starts by being a good person. Stop thinking that it’s ok to watch tv for hours instead of learning a song, stop thinking that it’s ok to arrive late for the third time this week, stop thinking that because you work hard today you get to go easy tomorrow, stop making excuses, life doesn’t work like that. Look at yourself in the mirror, are you the person you wanna be ? Are you the artist you wanna become ? Are you really doing everything you can to become this person ? You should, you should do everything you can to be proud of yourself. What did you do today that made you feel proud ? Be your own hero, and give yourself the chance to become this hero. Stop lying about it, to everyone, and to yourself. This goes for everything in life, everyone claim that they want something, but how many times do you hear people say, that they are too tired, or too busy, well just be aware that someone out there has the same dream as you, and this person is working ten times more than you. So if you have a goal, if you wanna feel good about yourself, stop making excuses and work hard for it, and I can promise you that there is nothing better than going to bed having the feeling you did everything you could today to make a step in the right direction. There is no better feeling then having nothing to hide to yourself.

Sometimes we think that the world is against us, and no one is giving us the chance to shine, when actually the only person standing on your way is you my friend, so stop lying about it and admit that today you didn’t work hard enough and was lazy, and move on, and get ready to really give a 100% tomorrow. We all have bad days, but we still give the best of ourselves.

Life is to be lived 100%, 99% is not worth it, it’s just stupid.

Your Robin 😉


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