Never over

We learn in dance class that no movement stops, everything is in flow, always in movement always alive, always on its way to the next step. Every part of us is breathing and all these movements are connected to one another in a flow that forms the choreography, the big picture.

We should always keep in mind the bigger picture, because a step is only a step, and alone its worth nothing, it doesn’t mean anything, just like a note is only a part of a song.

Nothing is ever over: sometimes the movement just goes into an other direction, we should always keep in mind the bigger picture. Sometimes you may think you’re taking a step back, or fall hard on the floor, but it’s just part of the choreography.

In life you can’t control everything, you can’t know everything, and sometimes you just have no idea where you’re going, but in the end it’s just a part of a big choreography: who cares about being on the floor or taking some steps back, the only thing that matters is the way you dance it.

My Joopies know how to shake it ;).

Your Robin.

PS: A little baby girl is waiting to see this big world that’s been waiting for her, cup cakes are amazing.

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