Opening number with closed eyes

Hi there 🙂

For my first article, I made an experiment for you guys, walking in the academy’s hallways with closed eyes. There’s life everywhere ! Music pressing against the walls, voices resonating, tap shoes jumping, people walking, people laughing, people eating, drinking, talking, doors opening and closing, doors opening again, and three, four, chassé, vibrato and piano… And five, six, door, laugh, seven, chassé, pas de bourrée, forté!!!!!!!!!!!!! And silence-silence-silence-and five, six, and music-music-and dance, and sing, and life and steps on the floor. People moving, faster and faster, slower, slower… piano, and finish.

It’s all a big choreography, and everyone is playing his part. Some singing in Hamburg, others tapping in Amsterdam or dancing in London, in Los Angeles they might be acting or learning the theory of it all, while some are bringing it all to life in New York. Yes, our rooms‘ names are cities from across the world, pretty cool, I know :). I love that everything has its place, this make us strong as an ensemble, as a chorus, all 3 semesters we live together in a big choreography. As first semester we’re still learning the dance, but it’s with open arms that the others showed us the steps, everything is finding its place, and we have each other to hold on to. Life is but an enormous stage, and this is just the opening number.

Fresh starts, new places, new people, other languages, new terms, new words, new moments, new memories. This is our first semester, the beginning of something new, something exciting, something special. We have to create a new life here, we walk another tempo, we dance another dance, the steps are the same but the music is different, and somehow we manage to find our rhythm, together we go forward, turning on our points and belting our hearts out.

Your little new head-in-the-clouds blog writer,



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