Woke up 7.30 exactly when my new cell phone sang the nice wake up song that I have… Drank a lot of coffee to get really awake, because today was the big day for me and my class. All of us had a private photo session with the photographer Rosa Frank ( Six people already did it yesterday and today I and four classmates got the chance to do it. At 10 am I was already in school although my time was scheduled at 13.15. But before I had to iron my 4 outfits I had brought and also study some acting and ensemble singing. Suddenly it was time for me to go and sit in the make up-chair and to get a fresh face for the photos. I came in to studio Amsterdam where we were shooting and I got to meet this really nice lady Rosa Frank. A very friendly and professional photographer which I had a lot of fun with. I do not know how many pictures we took but at least I got to wear all my four outfits infront of the camera. Was such a nice feeling to stand there and during the time I got the chance to see some photos on her camera and if they are looking 70 percent as good on a printed paper, then I am satisfied. After one hour I was done and I packed all my stuff together and went home. I am so excited to get the pictures now!

Got home and did all the stuff you need to do on a Sunday, which means washing, cleaning and so on, and so on…

Now I am going to finish this article and then I am heading off to see Othello, the ballet at Kamp Nagel here in Hamburg ( I am so much looking forward to see a real ballet because I do not think I have ever done that. And IF I am not too tired when I am coming home (around 11pm tonight) I will update this article and give you guys a short review. Otherwise… See you next time!

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