Sing for me

You may think that some parts of our bodies are intimate, but I can assure you that there is nothing more intimate than your singing voice, or even your voice in general.

The vocal cords are two little strings down your throat, and once they touch each other they produce a unique sound. The color of your voice, your tone, is a special characteristique that is as unique for each human being as there finger prints. The day you decide to become a singer, or an actor, you’re willing to work on your voice, to change it, to stretch it, to adapt it to any song, to any situation, but still keep the nature of it at the same time, protect the nature of it, or even find it’s true nature. People use it every day not even knowing how much it shows.

We use it to express ourselves, to communicate, we scream out of anger, we speak really low when we have something serious to say, or really high when we’re excited, it breaks when we’re sad, after a choc you can lose if for ever. We sing all day long actually, each in his own key, going up and down the scail.

This is why a voice can touch our souls, it is true, it is unique, it is intimate. When someone goes on stage, and performs a song, singing with a magic sound coming from the bottom of his heart, it transports us. Singing is like showing your heart, showing your whole self, your naked self, your true self. It’s giving a part of us, our most precious part.

Singing is a sacred gift, it’s the way angles talk, it’s the way mermaids cast their spells. This gift should never be wasted, let it always come from the heart. On stage, at church, with friends, for fun, or under the shower, allow yourself to sing, let it free you, but forget your vocal chords, sing from the heart.

Your Robin

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