The ghost behind the curtain

Do you beleive in ghost stories ?

There is this old theater at the end of the street and legend has it, if you walk on stage in the middle of the night, you can hear them whisper. Steps on the floor sound like a choreography that repeats itself. Some actors say it is the echo of intense scenes that has been performed with such a powerful energy and powerful feelings that they got absorbed into the walls and haunt the theater ever since.

If you close your eyes, you can feel this mystical energy floating around, it is everywhere in the silence: fights and competition backstage, big Arias and monologues on stage, and the applause that still resonate. It is all like a dream, you can picture the lights, the dancers turning on their toes, and you can almost hear the orchestra play and the singers perform.

The stage is a rather peculiar place : it is where magic happens for a few seconds, like nothing we can describe, nothing we can summarize into words. Moments and feelings passing by like flashes of lights, that no one can catch or capture, or even fight against. All we can do is hope that our performances will be great enough, so that when people walk center stage, in the middle of the night, they’ll hear the whispers of our emotions, the memories of our steps on the floor, and the applause resonate.

You don’t have to beleive in ghost stories to feel this amazing energy, you just have to let us perform, the magic will appear on its own, its echo is already everywhere you look.

There is no ghost behind the curtain, I have learned there is way more than that: a million stories, an infinity of memories, and a whole new world if we just let ourselves see it.

Just let yourself feel it.

Your Robin 🙂





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