Thunder and rain… after rain comes the sun

8.30 – Almost slept too long this morning. But I made it anyway. Eating breakfast AND making myself beautiful 😉 … but this part with being beautiful turns out to feel different after having a class by Viviana, like this morning. After just a couple of minutes I feel the first sweat drop from head and the only thing I can think of is „Please, just don’t drop into my eyes“ ‚cause that hurts! (The moment I am writting this the sky is almost black and full with thunder, if I’d somehow not would be able to finish this it’s because I got hit and laying on the floor…)

9.30 – Ballet, where I wasn’t able to do anything full out because my knees were tired and hurted a bit. It’s nice that we have everything fixed since many weeks so that you can feel secure. The lesson was followed by the „Männerklasse“ and after that me and Stefan had to show Tomi the last stuff that we put into our „Dream-performance“ that we actually have to show on Friday in the presentationclass.

11.30 – Break. Prepared myself for my singing-class and also bought lunch so I could later in the afternoon.

12.15 – The last lesson with Christian for this term. We had a good hour together NOT doing the songs fot the exam over and over again. Instead we worked on Pity the Child from Chess which needs a bit of time before you actually can perform with it. And the high notes… D…and so on. God, give me strength. But a bird whispered that Christian maybe will stay for the next term too… Would be so cool!

13.30 – Sprecherziehung with Marianne. Also the last one for this term. We worked on some warm-up-exercises and then talked about which of them are good and usefull before you’re going to perform as an actor or also a singer.

14.30 – Lunch and some time to get new energy. My lunch today also included a powernap á 5 minutes.

15.30 – Rehearsal with the two groups in ensemblesinging and tomorrow we have the exam. „Misty“ and „Der Bucklichte Fiedler“ are the songs we’re gonna perform…

16.30 – Tapdanced a bit for myself and also sorting out some papers and music. Was very tired by this point and had the feeling I could go to sleep right away.

17.30 – Jazz with Kati. Fun as always. We did the things for the exam one time through and the time was up. It’s gonna be fun to show the stuff we’re doing 😉

19.15 – Signing out. Went to buy food and arrived home almost half past eight. Fixed food, wrote the blog, had a look at the music theory before the test we’re writing on thursday. Bed is waiting…


„Sage nicht, daß du geben willst, sondern gib!“

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