Don’t wait

I’ve turned 22 last week and my life looks very different from everything I’ve imagined.

One year ago I bought a ticket to a new life and hell I got it. I had no idea what adventure I’d got myself into. I’ve evolved more in a year than I have in forever, let’s not exaggerate: I’m still no grown up, but getting there. Everything I know has changed, I have changed, the people around me, they transformed me, they’ve helped me grow.

Before I would have waited for answers, for solutions, for help, I would have waited for people to decide whether I’m good enough or not, I would have waited for validation, for acceptance, for love. I am done waiting. I will take what I have and go forward with it, I will make a step after another, and I’ll keep going because I’m done being stuck.

People get stuck because they are afraid, paralysed by fear, they stop moving, and sometimes they stay stuck forever. The fear of making the wrong move, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of getting hurt. Sometimes we forget that life is not safe, life is dangerous, and it is meant to be, so that we can learn from it, but if we stay stuck, if we wait for life to happen, it is gonna pass us by. There are so many places to see, so many adventures to live, and so many mistakes to learn from, every day is an opportunity to take a step forward, to take control over our lives, and to decide what kind of person we are and what kind of life we want to live.

I want to live my life, I want to love the people around me and I want to get attached, and I want to miss them and to meet them again. I want to get excited and get disappointed, I want to get furious and scream, or stay calm and cry. I want to feel all these emotions at the same time. I want to see crazy places and meet great people. I want to be touched and to touch. I want to sing in the rain and to dance on the beach. I want to swim in cold rivers and have hot showers. I want to have late snacks and breakfasts in bed. I want to drink wine with my best friends, pretend that we know everything about the world, and laugh. I want to live so bad that I never want to wait again. I want to live right now. And I am.

So Tina, don’t wait, conquer your life and I’ll try to do the same, so we can trade stories when we meet again.



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