What dreams are made of

We always knew dreams were not meant to be easy, they are tough, and they bring us down many times, they are a lot of work and a lot of sacrifices.

This week, a page will be turned, but I want us to never forget how good it feels to dream and to fight for it. I want us to never forget the thrill of singing a song, the thrill of taking a step on stage. I want us to never forget what we have learned and what we have shared. This strength to pursue our dreams is a gift we have that we must not underestimate. So many people have stopped dreaming and only count numbers on papers and fight air trying to live their lifes when actually they are missing the very essence of it.

I knew I would have to fight, I didn’t know that the shots would come from behind my back.

As hard as it may be, we won’t stop dreaming. What is life if we stop ? What is life without this passion ? Without this love ? I have learned many valuable lessons this year, and I have receive so much strength and friendship. When I look at us, I see how much we have grown, I see how beautiful we are, and strong, and brave. I see the fire that burns our souls, and the peace in our eyes. I see the adults we have become and the children we still are in our hearts. Yes, something is coming to an end, I want my dear Joopies to know that the feeling of home they gave me, I won’t forget, that the feeling of happiness and craziness, I will never forget, our laughs and our tears I will never forget. I felt free with you guys.
Dreaming is not about the goal, it’s about the journey, it’s about the people that cross our road, and the wind we must fight against. It’s about this flame inside that won’t let us give up. It’s about letting our soul sing, and letting our body dance. It is the months and years in the darkness trying our best and, it is this one second of total freedom, this moment when we feel like flying, when we belong, when the path is clear and nothing can stop us. Dreaming is everything we can not touch but that feels so real. It is no material, it is no money, I believe it is something that our soul will carry after leaving our body. Some people say dream are only dreams and they don’t mix up with real life, but what they didn’t get is that pursuing our dreams is real life, it is happiness. So we should remember to forgive those who try to crush our dreams, because they are blind and afraid, and they will never be as happy as we are.
Let’s kick ass this week, I am very proud of us. Stand strong, smile and don’t stop dreaming.
This is not goodbye.
Your Robin
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