New Monday, new week :)

8.30 – Floor Bar with Susanne as teacher. I have to say that this is a really good lesson to start a new week with because you can sense how your body is doing and, as it was for me today, discover that you have some pain in the back.

9.30 – But I did everything in ballet anyway. This week we have Tomislav I surprisingly found out since I thought we were going to change teacher every second week. But fine. Most of us still remembered the exercises. Giving my best resulted in that I had to leave male ballet and the jumping exercises. I did some stretching on the floor instead. Hopefully it is going to be better.

11.15 – 45 minutes of preparing the rest of the day. I went down to Ralf Schädler (Casting director for Stage Entertainment) to get my feedback from the open audition I did a couple of weeks ago. He was giving some really good and constructive feedback which made me happy. I am so much looking forward to the Wicked-audition next week. I also got my feedback on my „Eigenarbeit“ last week from Robin.

12.00 – „Sprachgestaltung“, 1 hour/week where you mostly read texts and discussing them but today Tilman had brought a really interesting video too. A scene read by an old actor (dead by now) from The Mechant of Venice (Der Kaufmann von Venedig). Really interesting!

13.00 – Lunchbreak where I also had time to go to the bank, learning text and prepare my singing lesson.

15.15 – Singing teached from the dear Christian. We worked on the material for Moq that I will do at the audition next week. I also got the chance to do The Prayer a couple of times through. One of my favourites.

16.15 – Another shorter break where I had some coffee, going through text again and preparing me for jazz.

17.30 – Barbara was, as always, in a good mood and we continued to work on our Madonna-combination. Maybe something for the presentationclass?



Ein Dummkopf findet immer noch einen Dümmeren, der ihn bewundert.
Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux (1636-1711), frz. Schriftsteller

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