my parents were there

I have been enjoying my parents being in Hamburg since last Friday. We have been eating a lot of nice food together and today were their last day here. On Sunday the whole school went to Essen and to the premiere of „Ich will Spass“. Personally I had to stay in Hamburg because I had a gig with the a capella group Larynx in the St Katarinen church. It was a really nice performance and officially the last one for a long time since Maria Walter in the group will move to Stuttgart in one week to become a part of the ensemble in Wicked. Jealous!! 🙂

Tuesday mornings we, as usual, start the day with ballet. I was somehow not rellay awake, or rather, my body was not really awake, but somehow I made it through anyway. But it got awake enough to do some jazz training afterwards.

Barbara was back. She was away one week from school and although we had a great „cover“ for her as a teacher last week it was nice to see her back. We had some problems connecting the cables to her Ipod in studio London so after the warm up we moved to the way smaller studio Rotterdam. There we started with a number from „A Chorus Line“ which we are going to in cooperation with ensemble singing. Very exciting!

In ensemble singing today we continued working on „Temper, Temper“ and also „Somewhere“. It is now time to really learn the songs by heart so we can start cleaning and polishing them. But it makes a lot of fun singing the music that Mathias picked out.

Lunchbreak, where I decided to be healthy, so I ordered the fish. Although, the fish did not really taste so in the end I had a nice plate of pasta and vegetables.

Ensemblesinging with only my class. We sang „Wade in the Water“ and „Coventry Carol“. Also really nice songs and not the easiest ones which probably is the point when you are in the last year…

Usually I have acting now but today Zapo were somehow not there so I could use the time go into town and say goodbye to my parents before they took off to Lübecks Airport. I still, after that, had two times to kill, so I studied some and made some important phone calls.

Last lesson for today. Try Out with Robin Brosch. We had a long chat about „Ich will Spass“ and then two people sang. That was it. I went home to my mail, cooked and suddenly it is always time to go to bed.

Das Geheimnis eines glücklichen Lebens liegt in der Entsagung.
Mahatma Gandhi

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