The first day in the gym!

So, dear friends. It is once again really late and I was concidering to write this article early tomorrow instead but no, here I am.

8.30 Morning ballet with Susanne. Wake up, wake up… Thank God I was able to dance today since yesterday I could not do it while I had some kind of musclepain in my neck. But after four injections I was fit for fight today. 🙂

9.30 The lovely David gave us a nice choreography with some partnering for almost the whole lesson. It makes so much fun with him and we are actually going to have him doing the Saturday workshop this week. 3 hours with him, and I cannot wait!!

11.00 Ensemblesinging where we only worked with our christmas song „Winter, Wonderland“. I think it is going to be a really nice number since we are also going to get steps to it from Harald.

12.00 Lunchbreak. It tasted really nice… 🙂

12.45 Once again ensemblesinging but this time with only my class. We worked on „Wade in the Water“ and „Coventry Carol“. It was a nice hour and we improved some. Finally.

13.45 I had a really cool hour of acting today with Mr. Zapo. Finally I got a text which I can understand and work properly with.

14.45 2 hours break which gave me time to organise a lot of stuff. Scores, homeworks and so on, and so on…

17.00 Try Out with Robin and we could ALL sing for once. I sang „I Only Want To Be With You“. A song where I dont really get the chance to sing out all of my notes which is a good way for me to work in the moment.

19.00 The highlight of today. Going to the gym! I got one hour personal instruction and and help with planning my training until February. It felt so nice to be back in the gym and it is going to be really a challenge to add that to everything else we have to pull through in our daily life.

So 2 hours later I arrived home and I ate, took care of the mails… Another day in Fredriks life. This IS my life.

Was er ist und was er war, das wird uns erst beim Abschied klar.
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