Wicked Gala and Yoga

It has been a different but a very nice week so far. The Gala performance in Lübeck where we did „Nur ein Tag“ and „Frei und Schwerelos“ from Wicked went really good. We arrived lunchtime and had two hours of rehearsal between 2pm and 4pm and after that three hours to eat and prepare ourselves. Sabrina Weckerlin (Elphaba) and Jana Stelley (Glinda) are two extremely talented and professional people which I loved to work with. All of us had a lot of fun together. And suddenly it was over. I arrived home at 11.30pm and went straight to bed. 

And this was my Thursday…

8.30 Morning ballet with Susanne… Stomach in and chest out… The exercises were easy and I got warm enough to continue the day.

9.30 Barbara gave us a new warm up-combination which we are going to use for the exam. Then we worked on some diagonales and at the very end our great number from A Chorus Line! 

11.00 Ilona Williams and 90 minutes of group therapy. It is a nice break from everything else we do in school. A lot of talking but at the end I think most of us are feeling relaxed and good. 🙂

12.30 Quick-lunch. 😉

12.45 Kelle, the man, the one… It always makes so much fun in the classes now a days. I remember the beginning of my education when I did not get anything (since I did not no german) how I really disliked music theory… but now, it is really coool. 

14.15 One hour of break where I were going to warm up my voice and prepare myself for my lesson with Willi Welp („Lied-Interpretation“). Then I realized that my voice were not able to work with me today since I have this cold coming (knock on wood). My nose is already itching and I am sneezing the whole time. And now it is starting to affect my voice…

15.15 So therefore I sang just one song („I´d Rather be Sailing“ from A New Brain) just twice and then I gave Stefan in my class the rest of the lesson.

17.00 Theater-dance with Harald. Since he was the choreographer for the Wicked performance we went through the material of videos and photos he had on his computer. Everything from the beginning of rehearsals to videos from the actual performance. To finish it all he asked us a couple of questions about new stuff we learned during this project and what experiences we did. After one hour of closing project Wicked (which is kind of sad) we reconstructed the combination from „Step In Time“ which we started to work on many many weeks ago. And that is now the upcoming project for Open House the 20th of December!

18.30 The long and tiring day was almost over but to come down 10 people from school took part in the Yoga class for 75 minutes. After many minutes of breathing on timing and stretching of your whole body I walked out from there and thought „If I am not relaxed now and if this is not the feeling you are suppose to feel when you are relaxed, then I will never be relaxed in my whole life, first when I am laying in the grave.“

Um allein zu schlafen, ist keine Decke warm genug

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