Chocolate on bread

Sometimes life kicks you down. Hard day, hard week, hard month, let’s face it’s a hard year.

You get home, put your stuff down, get a hot shower, and you sit on your bed, your muscles ache from dancing, your energy is just gone, so you just go to the kitchen, and yes you know you should eat something healthy, but today it’s just to much: you need some comfort. You get the bread, and yes you dare, you just take the chocolate off the shelf, and you open it and you already know that it’s all you want. And there is no way in hell you’re taking a small bite of chocolate on a big piece of bread, this chocolate better be covering the whole bread ! So there it is, and you take a bite, and it is immediately effective: for one second you’re somewhere else, home when mum used to do the laundry and dad used to cook, yeah it’s a pretty long time ago. In a place where life is just simple because dad gave you a piece of bread with chocolate when you came back from school and you’re just watching him cook, he is just so big and knows so much, and you just wanna be like him. And nothing else would matter.

Mum is not doing your laundry anymore, and dad doesn’t cook anymore, he is just too lazy and hates to stand in the kitchen alone. You’re just a thousand miles away trying to be an adult somewhere in the big wild world, and a part of you just wanna eat chocolate on a piece of bread in dad’s kitchen again, see the back of his neck and feel his joy while he is preparing dinner. Wish you could just find innocence and peace again.

Little did you know that in twenty years you will think about this time of your life, and your friends around you, and how joyful it was and how strong you could be, and maybe while your thinking of it, someone is just watching you cook from behind.

Nostalgia is beautiful, but life is to live in the moment, so maybe as you go on, you should just call dad and make sure he has someone to cook for.

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