Why do we cry ?

cry (to): VERB. To utter inarticulate sounds, especially of lamentation, grief, or suffering, usually with tears.

Last week our Dario (student 1st semester) performed this song about a guy who can not cry, it made me wonder a lot about the theme : Why do we cry ? How come when people are touched, they cry ?

The Theater is an echo to our lives, it affects us. It is its first function, to make us think, to touch us. It makes us connect with our stories, it offers us peace and grief, joy and laughs, it takes us to magical places. Just for a few hours we go to this place in between real life and pretending, this place where everything resonates, and people cry, that’s the beauty of it all. That’s the best part of being on stage, connect with our stories and have the people in the audience connect with theirs. And I say the Theater as a generic term, who never cried listening to this special song, this song that brings back these special memories ? (Come on, you know what I’m talking about 😉 )

We arrive into this world crying, we cry out of profound sadness, out of excitement, out of joy, we sometimes even cry when we laugh. Some people say that our eyes are windows to the soul, and that’s where the feelings show. When some feelings are so strong, so powerful that we can’t contain them, salty water pearls roll from our eyes. It’s a feeling of letting go, it’s being at our most vulnerable state, just like when we were first taken away from this safe place where we were just floating, listening, warm and protected, inside our mother’s womb.

From the little girl that cries out of joy for her birthday, to the old woman who cries herself to sleep because she misses her husband, from the boy that picked up a fight with a bully after school, to those who laugh so hard they can’t stop crying, from the man that just learned his going to be a father, to the guy that forgot how to shed a tear, and sits in the back of the theater hopping to finally feel something, we all cry. Some people say that it’s a weakness, I think it’s our most basic strength: it makes us human.

Thank god I can cry,



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