Day no.3

8.30 – Finally, back in school! Without any mercy. Now the last year to go and today the first morning class with Viviana, now three times a week, which I find great. Need to get my stomach muscles nice and hard again after the long summer break of six weeks. And I was screaming inside from the pain I felt the last ten minutes during push-ups and abdominals. Viviana is back… And I am too…



9.30 – Still going strong in level 2 of ballet led by Tomislav. Think we are about twelve guys in the group which is perfect. Nice to have Tomislav again. He is a great and inspiring teacher who gives the work in ballet another dimension. Thinking more and more if I really should give the try to regularly go to a sauna to stretch my poor muscles. Just need to find a good sauna. Suggestions?



11.00 – Also here I am struggling in level 2 of tap dance with Wolf. (To get some teachers full name please check out the website of the academy It felt really cool to have Wolf as a teacher again since I had him one year ago). He is teaching a complete other style than my teacher I had last term (Sören Fenner). It is more heavy, more “dirty” and more of a street style.


13.00 – Michael, the first pianist in school is, like always, giving us thirty minutes a week to learn new songs, work on old ones or to do whatever we want to do where he could be help for us. Michael is the best. Personally I worked on some ensemble songs today, which we got yesterday and we need to study them until next time. Also a new song for myself that I got the day before yesterday from my dear classmate Erika.


13.30 – Lunchbreak. A loooong one. Used it to visit the library, because I really need to find a bunch of plays to read for acting. Yesterday I got seven monologues from my teacher so you can say I have a lot to read the coming weeks.


15.45 – My first singing class of the term with one of my two teachers, Stephan Drakulich. We went through my maps with music and picked out like ten new songs to work on and he also gave some suggestions I have to search for in the note library in school but also in the library of the city. After that I also sang a couple of songs like “Bui-Doi” from Miss Saigon and “Pity the Child” from Chess. It feels so good to start working again! And no time to lose… This is the very, very last year.



17.00 – Signing out…


Upcoming this week: The third year in the Academy is having a photo shooting this weekend. Do not miss all the details about it!



Damit das Mögliche entsteht, muss immer wieder das Unmögliche versucht werden.
(Hermann Hesse)

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