Dirty Dancing!

7.00 – Jesus Christ Superstar, never waited this long with standing up from bed but I was SO tired in my brain and body from the last couple of days. Me and my class have been presentating our Eigenarbeiten (performances done by ourselves running for 15-20 minutes where dance, acting and singing are supposed to be included) since Tuesday and I was the very last one performing yesterday evening. In my piece the story was about me and myself moving from Sweden to Germany, learning a new language, trying to get to learn new people, getting an appartment and a job, but in the end nothing works out and I am flipping out and want to go home. And I DID flip out, screaming from a window and destroying a frame with glass. Afterwards I was completely empty and did not have a clue what actually had happened during those 20 minutes on stage.

8.30 – Viviana did her warm-up with us which had to be interrupted because, although they had cleaned the studio twice after my performance with all the glass on the floor, people still found some parts, so we had to move to another studio. I am sorry guys!

9.30 – Ballet, this week with Susanne instead of Tomislav, since we are changing teachers every second week. Susanne also teaches level 3. It is good with a change like this because you get different kind of wiews from different techers and Susanne is very easy to work with. It is easy to know what she wants and also beautiful to watch when she is teaching out steps. But God, we were all so tired this morning…

11.00 – Tapdance, and although I was still seeing things fuzzy, it was a good lesson. Looking forward to the partnering with Chrissie 😉

12.15 – Lunch! Wedges with sauce and salad, and a 10 minutes powernap.

13.30 – Private lesson with Marianne. She gave me some feedback to my performance from yesterday and then we worked on my acting text from Wedekinds „Spring Awakening“. Talk about a challenge.

14.15 – One hour free, and I used it to go through the kombination from Theatredance which we were going to show in the presentationclass today.

15.15 – Again lesson with the vocal coach Marianne Bernhardt but this time in a group. The three other guys got their feedback to their performances and then we worked on different kind of letters like how to say a S and a F with quite much air so the are sounding bigger and more connected with your body.

16.30 – Presentationclass where jazz 3 danced their last combi, the first year doing their combi from Theatredance and my class also doing a combi but in smaller groups.

17.45 – Dirty Dancing workshop Peter Horemans where he teached us ground steps in mambo and we started doing a combi from the show Dirty Dancing. It made a lot of fun! And I am looking forward to the three upcoming workshops with him. Peter was cover for the role Johnny in the musical and he is been working with the show since it came to Germany.

19.15 – Leaving school to get dinner and then straight to BED!

Am Abend ist man klug
für den vergangenen Tag
doch niemals klug genug
für den, der kommen mag.

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