We were created from nothing, and suddenly we were standing, walking, talking.

We were working together, building, learning. With each other and with everything that was around us. We made this earth our home.

What happened ?

How come everywhere I go I see people using and abusing of each other, fighting against each other. Judging, taking, destroying. How come everyone around act like it’s normal? We are not standing anymore, we are on our knees, we are not walking anymore, because we have nowhere to go, and we are not talking because we are not listening.

Humans are supposed to dream, to explore and to create. Dreaming is finding a purpose, exploring is extending our knowledge to be able to create, and by creating we make our dreams come true. If you forget to dream, if you don’t explore the world around you and the world inside you, and if you don’t create, what is your life about? I love our school because we live by these rules, and dreams are everywhere, we explore together, and we have been creating so many beautiful things: it’s never about destroying, taking, or fighting against each other, it’s about building, giving, and working together, just like life should be.

We were dust, and we will be dust again, let’s make what’s in between something great. Let’s be the people we want to be, let’s be amazing. Let’s not hurt each other anymore, let’s give each other dreams and let’s work together to make them come true. I know that’s why I wanna be on stage.

Humans have been doing so much, we have no idea what we’re capable of anymore, we have no idea what is coming, but it should be something full of love, full of laughs and full of music. And the only way to make it that way, is to work together and stop destroying each other.

We deserve better, so let’s give ourselves better.

Your Robin,

PS: If you are still searching for some dreams, we will be happy to give some to you, the production piece of the school is still running for a few days “ Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war“. Get some tickets and come and see for yourself what our world is made of. #JvdEA2018

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