Eigenarbeiten – Performances done and performed by the students

8.30 – A nice ballet class although I was veeery tired standing by the bar.

9.30 – Jazz with the Barbara.  She always get you awake, more or less. It was a cool class!

11.00 – Ensemblesinging where we worked on „Temper, Temper“, „Someday“ and a new song, a christmas carol.

12.00 – Lunch!

12.45 – Ensemblesinging again but this time only with the people from my class. We did „Come fly with me“ (preparing ourselves for a performance next Thursday), „Step In Time“ and another song which I for this moment do not know the title of anymore. So read it tomorrow in the updated version.

13.45 –With Zapo. I am doing Hänschen Rilow from „Frühlingserwachen“ with, for me, a really difficult text! My God. It is going to be an exciting term when it comes to acting.

17.00 – Try Out with Robin where I today sang „Gehtsemane“ from Jesus Christ Superstar. Went better than I thought but I still need a lot more time to develope it.

20.00 – So now it was time for the famous „Eigenarbeiten“ which I really cannot find a english word for. Jennifer, Mandy, André and Hannah all gave great performances. Jennifer showed us how the life can look like for a superhero. A superhero can also be down or weak. Mandy  told us the story about the dreaming cleaning-lady turning into a Broadway-star. André had a dramatical dialouge with God, wearing wings from an angel during the whole performance. Angel or Devil? Who are we infront of the Great Man? Hannah, as Red Cap, gave us a thoughtful end but with a lot of humour. Chapeaux to them all!

 It is now 11.30 pm and if I am not going to bed now I will not be able to go to school tomorrow at all. Sleep tight.

Hast du einen Menschen gern, so musst du ihn versteh`n.
Musst nicht immer hier und da, seine Fehler seh´n.
Schau mit Liebe und Verzeih`, denn am Ende bist du selbst nicht fehlerfrei.


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