Inspiration: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create.

Every second of the life of an artist is defined by inspiration, either you’re inspired by the world around you or inspiring people around you.

Everyone has this world of connections in their heads, we see something, or touch something, smell something, and in a second we are connecting it to our memories or our imagination, giving everything around us a new dimension, a dimension we try to recreate in our art. Life inspiring art and art inspiring art itself inspiring life over and over again. Ideas flying around, feelings and emotions constantly channeling each other: we have the wonderful ability to inspire and get inspired, we should celebrate that, that’s what makes us humans and artists.

Yet we foreget to get inspired and to inspire and touch people, we cut the bridges, and we become robots thinking that the technologies are connecting us, when we don’t even see each other anymore. We have an infinite world around us but do we really look at it, do we really see it anymore or let it affect us ? We talk but we don’t exchange anymore, everything is superficial because no one is letting their self be inspired. Children don’t have imaginary friends anymore, they have computers. Isn’t it sad that we all wanna be happy, that the purpose of life is to feel complete, and yet we only care about the material things, when we could smile to each other, and let something as simple as a smile affect us and make us wonder in our heads in this place where the memories meet the imagination, and feel filled by this urge to create.

Everything is inspiration, we only have the choice to let it happen or not. When you think about it, even the lack of inspiration would allow the creation of something ;). So listen to a song, go to the theater, read a book, be inspired and be creative, it can save lives and it never hurt anyone.

Your Robin 🙂

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