Spring Awakening!

I could actually sleep 30 minutes longer this morning which was a bless from someone up above! Today was the open audition for the upcoming musical Spring Awakening. I did an audition already yesterday for the musical Ich war noch niemals in New York running here in Hamburg at Tui Operettenhaus. I had to sing a couple of songs and afterwards me and only 2 guys more had to dance. It was really funny! And the production people seem were really nice. Next week I will know more how it went… Then, later in the evening, I took part in Ralfs dance class „get fit in winter“. Afterwards I was bodywise dead…

So the extra 30 minutes I got to sleep this morning were great. Around 10am we were suppose to be at Schmidts Tivoli at Reeperbahn to sign us in. Some press were there and Hamburger Abendblatt interwieved me and asked about my expectations for today, how I felt and how the h*ll I managed to learn german within such a short time since I told them I arrived to Germany more or less 2 years ago. An open audition means a lot of waiting which me and my 2 classmates also had to experience. Talk about a challenge keeping up the energy before you actually have to use it many hours later. Well, well. The audition went well and the said „sehr schön“ and that it was a pleasure to have me there but that I was finished for today. Maybe it was too „sehr schön“ for this upcoming teenage-rock musical? 😉

So I left the building and the Reeperbahn and made it to the library before they closed and also to buy food. Now I have been cooking and just waiting for someone to come home and eat it. Muscle man, muscle man…. 

Ein edler Mensch zieht edle Menschen an und weiß sie festzuhalten.



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