We all have these moments of weakness, these moments when we run in the dark and everything happens to fast, everything is out of control and we are beaten down on  the floor and we can’t even try to defend ourselves because we just want to let go of the pain and let go of everything, we even want to destroy the good things to have nothing to hold on to. Weakness comes from fear and pain.
Strength is hard to find during these times. There is always a place to find it, in the people around, the friends. I find strength and inspiration in my friends and colleagues at school. I found strength in their laugh and in their smiles. In the way we look at each other with respect and bravery. When we try to be here for each other, and in our mistakes and our moments of weakness, in forgiveness and acceptance. This makes me strong to know that I don’t stand alone. That I am a part of something exceptional. That no one can take Tina’s great heart, Dario’s freedom, Alex’s wilderness, Kikki’s lightness, Eva’s kindness, Charlie’s sense of humor, Florian’s brain abilities, Lukas‘ devotion, and Isata’s laugh.
This makes me strong because as long as Isata will laugh, there will be something worth fighting for.
All around me inspiration from the teachers and the other semesters.
Inspiration because some will always stand by our sides even if they had to go away.
Staying strong and singing and dancing and performing, and finding that feeling again that it is worth it.
Because it is.
Your Robin.
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