Taking Chances

We learn every day that we have to trust our instincts on stage, and go 100%, and act, and do, and be, instead of thinking for ever about it and miss the best part of acting, wich is experimenting, and explore our imagination.  Funny thing because life is pretty much the same, taking the risk to fully be yourself, and explore every part of it, taking chances.

All of us have these times when we just stop our self from doing things: thinking about it, analysing it, „Am I doing the right thing?“ „What will the people think?“. We let our mind struggle with all these problems because we are afraid to be judged, because we want to „fit in“, so we just wonder about doing the things we crave to do instead of just taking the risk to do it. I am not saying do anything you want, I am saying do the things that you have the urge to do, in our case, take the risk to embrace a passion, take the risk to be affected by a song, a scene, or any kind of performance, take the risk to really be your true self, and have the courage to face it.

We forgot the difference between comfort and happiness. Sometimes you have to take the risk to be happy. If you’re seeking for happiness, wisdom or peace no one will judge you, they will admire your courage, the bravery to take a step towards a life goal should always be admired. „Where there is passion you can not be wrong“ if something is really touching your soul you won’t be able to fight it anyway, if you were born to dance, you will dance, or you will die trying, this is passion, it’s taking a chance, taking a risk, put everything at stake for an urge that is burning inside.

I think that all humans have a passion, something that touch their soul, for some it’s being on stage, for others it’s studying in a lab, some even only dream about have a family and a house to live happy surrounded by children, some people see the world with no money following their hearts where it would take them, the point being :we all have something we wouldn’t hesitate to take a risk for.

Take chances, don’t live with regrets, have the courage to take a risk for what is important to you. Never lose your passion, never look back, always stay focused and open, act, do and be, always 100%.

Your little Robin



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