The Last Energy

6.30 – Woke up with such a tireness running through my whole body. „I am not going to make this day“ I thought. „Please, just let me sleep!!“ But after some coffee… Of to school!

8.30 – A nice and never-ending warm up by Viviana and I thought I was going to die from muscle pain. But somehow you always make it through. Do not ask me how.

9.30 – Poor Tomislav had to deal with a bunch of tired people and todays ballet was one of the most low energy since, I do not remember when. Altough you think you are giving 100 percent everything became to 80 percent today. A big sigh from me knowing it can only get better next time. Cannot get worse anyway.

11.00 – Tapdance by Wolf went, thank God, much better. Maybe the small choclate in the break gave the right energy. A good lesson anyhow, but where you felt that the body needed to go for a rest during the weekend. And I have to say, I am really glad being back with Wolf as a teacher.

12.15 – Ran to get some lunch. The vegetarian choice of today was rice with some vegetables in a currysauce. Tasted kind of OK and at least gave me new energy. Also had a nice icecream afterwards and went out in the fresh air to enjoy it. Prepared a text for Vocaltraining too.

13.30 – My first Vocaltraining-lesson for today. I have (which not all students have) once a week a privatelesson with Prof. Marianne Bernhardt since I am coming for Sweden and learned german at the same time as I started at the academy. We went through my acting monolouge from Spring Awakening from Frank Wedekind, the part Hänschen Rilow. It is a really difficult text and I am very grateful that I have the possibility to practice with my teacher.

14.15 – Once again a one hour brake. I did honestly absolutely NOTHING. Altough, I did talk to some teachers and sorted some of my scores.

15.15 – Back to vocaltraining but this time with 3 classmates attending a group lesson. It made a lot of fun today and we laughed a lot together and also read a poem from Friedrich Schiller.

16.30 – The weekly presentationclass where all the students are gathered together to make whatever you want to do in a way of performance. First 3 students from the second year told us about the project-trip they have been to this week in Dresden (This trip you can read about in earlier articles this week which Chris and Chrisse been written). Then 2 persons from my class sang some pop ballades and a girl from the first year sang „Adelaide’s Lament“ from Guys and Dolls. Brave of her!

17.30 – After what felt like a very long day, it was finally time to leave school to get some rest in your body.

And now I am enjoying the evening in a sofa infront of the TV but are soon heading to bed because tomorrow I have a singing lesson and rehearsal with the pianist from school Michael Ashton.

Wishing everyone a nice weekend!


Schäme dich nicht deiner Gefühle, denn sie zeigen dein Inneres.

 – Franz Schmidberger

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