Wicked Audition

8.30 Viviana warm up. When you are doing same exercises twice a week like this you have to be careful that you always push yourself a little bit further everytime. I realised this by the push-ups, but although I thought after doing thirty, „lets do two more!“ my arms automatically fell down on the floor and I thought that my biceps were about to explode. For your information, they did not!

9.30 In ballet on the other hand you are not really supposed to push that much. Here it is more about making the movements bigger without putting tensions in your body. Big lines and a lot of breathing are giving you a nice expression. This is for me the hardest thing but I am trying to think of the nice nature in Sweden to make myself look more beautiful and relaxed. 😉 Sometimes it works, somtimes not when you are trying to do three piruettes without looking like a cat getting squeezed in a door. But getting teached by Susanne is nice.

10.45 A longer break where I could prepare myself for the rest of the day. Getting some scores organised, and planning the rest of the day. Talked with Nadine from my class who had just done the Wicked audition which I later also was going to do. And she had had a nice experience and felt good. Now I was really looking forward!

11.30 Tap dance with Kelly instead of Wolf. She came in the studio asking if we had the CD. „Which CD we asked?“. She expected us having the music from our class which we did not. So we had a nice a capella-lesson which is sometimes even better and more useful than getting „saved“ by some music with already done rhythms and beats. We worked on pullbacks, timesteps and our small kombination from Wolf.

13.00 Met the pianist Michael Ashton to go through the audtion material for later and also some ensemble songs. It is so nice to have Michael since I am not playing piano. And he is good too!

13.30 Time for lunch, learning text, getting prepared. I went into a studio and stayed there for more than one hour just to gather myself and coming down and getting focused. I felt good. I was calm and at the same time I was looking forward to the audition. At the same time I was kind of tired and I thought, instead of working against my tireness I was going to use it. Not trying to push myself into something I anyway did not feel for the moment.

15.15 The last lesson before the audition and for today. Singing by Stephen. We did a good warm up and I placed myself and felt that everything was there. Then we sang through my audition material and also did some of my ensemble songs. It was relaxed, easy and I kept my good mood and the feeling that I was relaxed.

16.45 After getting changed I showed up infront of the studio Los Angeles where the singing audition for Wicked took place. I signed myself in, and then I could only wait. There were still a few guys before it was my turn. I kept myself calm and fifteen minutes later I was on. I came in and saw all those relaxed and friendly faces. Got to sing „The Girl Gets Around“ from Footloose and then they wanted to hear one of the songs from the material I had got from them. Material for the character Moq in the musical. Everything went well and after they asked me to get out for a minute. I came back in and was asked to sing some endnotes from an ensemblenumber. Do not remember which notes I was singing but lets say like this, HIGH notes… They thanked me and said that I had to get changed for the mover audition. And so I did. Five minutes later we were in studio Scheveningen with the dance captain from the show learning a quite easy and short combination. The only thing that was a little bit complicated was the rhythm, but since we were only six people it made a lot of fun and we had time to practise and getting some corrections. Then the jury came in and saw us doing the combi a couple of times. It went fast and they said we had all done a good job and that they now will contact us very soon because the finals are already next week!

19.30 Leaving school in a great mood thinking about how funny it actually was doing the audition. Never had such a nice feeling after an audition before, but this time I had. Does not matter if I would make it to the finals or not because I anyway had a really nice feeling which I am going to bring to upcoming auditions. But of course… getting invited to the finals… no one would be happier than me…:)

„Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten solange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat.“Mark Twain; am. Schriftsteller; 1835-1910


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