We will be proud

When it’s all dust, we will be proud.

Everything is a lesson. I’m quite disappointed to see that humans are still taking the bad decisions after all we’ve learned, books written ten centuries ago still have the answers of today’s problems: Every one knows their classics, we study all these books and texts and we know the message they hide but still we just act like savages.

Some chose to be artists, or it’s more like it chose us, and we have the most important role to play in this game: we give the lesson, we deliver the messages. Art shows us our mistakes, and the way to learn from them: „Life imitating art imitating life.“. We have wars and conflicts on stage that with their message could make our world a better place, that’s why we have to act these parts, that’s why we have to hold on to our passion and dance the hell out of it. Fight for it, in the better way possible: keep on dancing.

People don’t listen anymore, they don’t learn anymore. We forgot the difference between value and money, kindness and appreciation, intelligence and instruction. People forgot the value of art and the lesson it could teach the world. We, artists, have this value, we know respect, discipline and compassion. The people out there shouldn’t underestimate the power we have anymore, and we shouldn’t either. Guns kill, money buys, but art changes minds. That’s why we have to hold on to it, we have to keep singing hopping that someone will hear us, and even if no one hears us yet, we will still be proud we didn’t stop, we didn’t give up.

We deliver a powerful message to the world every time we perform, and no one can ever take that away from us.

Art suffers a lot in today’s world. If we could just stop being afraid, open our eyes and see that we already have all the answers, we could be human again.

Your Robin 🙂

PS: In the name of the Joopies I thank you all for your kind comments and your precious support. Fierce and still dancing. #JvdEA2018

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