A hard and long day

A very long day is slowly getting to an end. I woke up, as usual, 6.30 and made myself ready for school. I only took part in Floor Barre this morning because afterwards I had to warm up my voice for my audition I had today. Audition for the new musical Marie Antoinette with premiere in Bremen. Sabrina Weckerlin and Patrick Stanke are some people to mention from the cast list. So I arrived to the See Live Studios in the near from Reeperbahn and I was suppose to sing 10.35. Fifteen minutes later than planned I was welcomed into the audition room and I fired away with The Girl Gets Around from Footloose. After that I did Gebet from Scarlet Pimpernel and I rounded up with half of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar. Since I have been not doing that well the last couple of days with a cold that never breaks out I was a little bit worried that my voice would not make it. But it did! Surprise, surprise… Straight after my singing I directly went to the fitting studio and now I have to wait a day or two. Let us all cross our fingers! 😉

I came back to school a couple of hours later to have lunch and prepare myself for the project day we had today. A work session for our „Abschlußprojekt“ that we are going to present in the beginning of April. Together with the creative team we improvised a lot for us and the team to get some first ideas to what is going to be written. Both music and dialogues will be written from scratch. It was a very nice workshop which brought a lot of cool ideas. I am looking forward to the upcoming rehearsals. So after more than four hours we packed our bags and left for today. 

I passed the library and gave a lot of stuff back and got the nice surprise that I have to pay 30 euros since I did not have time to give the stuff back the last weeks cause I have been BUSY! 🙂

After that I passed Penny to get some food and I arrived home and got myself something to eat and now the bed is screaming after me so my poor body can get some rest. 

Bless you all.


Die Sonne für dich scheint am Tag,
des Nachts der Mond und auch die Sterne
und schließt du deine Augen zu
dann kommen Grüsse aus der Ferne
(Edith Busse, September 2006)

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