Art connects humans

Music speak to us on another level, it speaks directly to our hearts.

You could try to explain, demonstrate and illustrate, and just fail to make your point, with music, with art and emotions, you can not miss your point. It touches each of us, and even if some people might deny it, no one can ignore it. You can try as hard as you can, art will still be everywhere, and music will still follow you.

If  you speak with your art, you will be heard, because it is not about understanding it, it is about feeling it, and no one can understand everything, study everything, talk every language, not everyone can be a math expert, but everyone understands music, and feelings, everyone dances. No matter your age, your past, your social background or your education, art will be present in your life, and you will be touched by it, we tend to forget that. People can count as much as they want and speak smart words, nothing will be more effective than the music we sing, because it’s good to make people think, but to make them feel, it’s priceless. If there is anything we learn from, it is art because it teaches our soul and not our mind. A mind can be twisted, crushed and manipulated, a soul remains pure.

Art connects humans, and money divide them.

Let’s not forget humans have been expressing themselves through art since the beginning of time, it’s not about to change, if anyone thinks otherwise, they will long be gone before we stop. Don’t underrate the power of a song, this song might inspire and give strentgh to the next genius, the next leader or the next revolutionary people, it could be changing the face of the world we know.

Don’t censor art, don’t destroy it, support it, it is what keep us standing, without to mention life would pretty much suck without music … ;).

Your Robin 🙂


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