I could sleep until nine o’clock and THAT I needed. Headed to school and 11.15 I was sitting in front the jury doing my Blattsingen exam. Can’t say I am satisfied but it went ok. But it is a very useful tool to have and to work with, this thing called Blattsingen. Not sure what the english word for it is. In Sweden we call it a-vista singing. Anyway.

After that I went to buy a tank top for the jazz exam tomorrow and I also passed a hairdresser and made my hair a little bit shorter. Just love being at the hairdresser and being take cared of. But time flew away and suddenly it was 14 and I had to be back in school for the general rehearsal of the acting exam I’m doing with my class. First we did a so called „italian reading“ which means you’re only saying the text in a quick tempo without playing. After that we prepared ourselfes for the eighty minutes on stage playing the peace. And it went fine, more than fine. Don’t like when general rehearsals are going that well but, knock on wood, it will be even better on thursday when we’ll do it in front of the jury and the audience.

 Left school half past five this day and ran home ‚cause I was supposed to be the chef in the kitchen this evening. Went to bed early and today (Sunday) I’m supposed to be in school 11o’clock to have the last rehearsals in jazz-dance and ballet. Afterwards I need to get through some stuff for myself. It’s going to be a long day. And tomorrow… Let’s rock 😉   

• Nur wer gegen den Strom schwimmt, kommt zur Quelle.

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