Exactly three weeks before the exams

8.30 – Viviana Giusti (Jazz teacher of Level 1) gives every monday and wednesday a perfect body warm-up for a new school day but holy mother was my body stiff and it took a while for it to wake up.

9.30 – Anyway, continued with Ballet and we went through and fixed the transitions and positions for every exercise which of course is kind of necessary only three weeks before the exams (oh God).

10.45 – Once a week we have the fortune having 30 minutes men ballet. With only 4-6 guys in the group it helps you to practice things that are supposed to look especially good when man are doing those stuff for example jumps. Mostly you can also affect this lesson by yourself, telling the teacher what you would like to work on.

11.15 – Our dear modern and input ballet teacher Tomislav gave me and Stefan in my class 30 minutes extra and helped us to fix some steps for our piece „Durchsichtig“. It’s a project that have been running the whole term on the Friday mornings with Tomislav where we have 45 minutes modern. In a couple of weeks we’re supposed to make the final presentation and people have been working alone or in smaller group developing a piece including first of all movements or dance but also singing and acting. The theme for the project was dreams and to work something out from that. Great from Tomislav to give this extra time to us students.

12.00 – Buying lunch in the schoolrestaurant  to eat later cause…

12.15 – …I had singing with my great teacher Christian. He is a very structured teacher and gives me a lot of new ways to think and directions to work into. We went through my exam-program and the four songs I’m preparing but we only made two of them while I realized how much work I still need to do on them. But, I’m not panicking… 🙂

13.30 – Speachtechnique (Sprecherziehung) with Marianne Bernhardt where we today worked with synchronizing movies. It made a lot of fun and was a good preparation for the up-coming workshop my class has on Saturday where we’re going to do a studying visit in the Hamburg Studios.

14.30 – Finally, I can eat lunch. And wow, the chicken really tasted nice today.

Between 14.30 and 17.30 I had free time according to the plan which gave me time working on musictheory, ensemblesinging and other stuff.

17.30 – Jazz with the input teacher Leigh-Anne whose really are doing some kinda advanced stuff there but it made a lot of fun and she has such a great personallity that you I think you could whatever with her and still have fun. 

19.00 – Heading home with a tired back and stiff legs. Tuesday tomorrow…


„Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism.“
                                                             David M. Burns


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