My God, that was a hot day!

Woke up this morning, walked to the kitchen and the first thing I did was standing there for 2 seconds without realizing what I was suppose to do… Ahhh, coffee of course! Then I realized, this is not going to be my day…

8.30 – 5, 6, 7, 8 streeetch and wake up with Viviana. I wonder how she would react if you suddenly called her like „Vivi“ or „Viv“. Have the feeling she wouldn’t like that. Felt like a stiff cucumber this morning. Hmm…

9.30 – Cleaning arms, cleaning positions and transissions was the theme in Ballet this morning. Includes, of course, a good communication with our pianist Natasha (who technically could have Petrovna as last name, but this is not the case I think). Anyway, there was kind of a good concentration in class so I think both the students and Tomi were satisfied.

11.00 – Tap dance with our ordinary tap teacher Sören Fenner, finally after two weeks. Also there we were just fixing the last things before the exam. We have four tap leves (1, 2a, 2b and 3) and I am in the 2a. I’m actually supposed to be in 2b but I got the chance this term to cool it down a bit and work more on my basics and to make them clean and nice so I haven’t learned that many new steps but still a lot of other stuff. Interesting to see that you can always learn stuff altough you may be think you already now everything…

12.15 – Lunchbreak. And an icecream afterwards 😉

13.00 – Sprachgestaltung (speak training) with Tilman where we today first had a fifteen minutes-talk with Robin about some misunderstandings between my class and the teacher of musical history Monty Arnold which we seemed to clear. Let’s see what and IF Monty says something tomorrow ‚cause it’s important that you always try to keep an open conversation so you can avoid misunderstandings and people getting upset, no matter if it is colleagues or teachers. The rest of the time with Tilman we had a good discussion about the upcoming term next season what we wanted to do. Love teachers that are able to make plans with the students because than the subject is getting more interesting.

14.00 – Short break where I had to rehearse with Mandy in my class. We’re doing a partner-thing in theatre dance with some lifts and stuff like that.

14.30 – Had acting for nintey minutes. We are doing a comedy called „Mr Pilks Irrenhaus“ and today we did the scene called „Das Huhn“ with Julia, Hannah, me and Jennifer. It was a good rehearsal and we finally could fix all the things that weren’t good before. Actually I have a really small part in the scene playing a doctor which always has his rabbit-puppy with him. Yeah, actually it’s even crazier than it sounds. But fun to play anyway. Tomorrow in two weeks we have the acting exam. Looking forward!

16.00 – Officially done for today but I stayed one hour extra to stage „Livin‘ La Vida Loca“, one of my exam songs. Was out of creative ideas but finally found some things I am going to do. Uptempo-popsongs are really hard to stage I think. Otherwise I don’t really have problems staging things but today…

17.00 – Leaving school to buy some stuff I need for the singing exam, bought food and then arrived home 18.30. Made myself some food, studied music theory and now I am writing my blog. Hopefully it’s not going to be too late before I am in bed. Because I am actually reading a really nice thriller right now… Or maybe I am supposed to say exciting instead of nice…:)


„Wenn man kämpft, kann man verlieren.
Wenn man nicht kämpft, hat man schon verloren.“


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