Premiere for my first blog!

A day is about to come to it’s end. 22.43…

5.30 – Finishing a homework for Musicalhistory. My friend Daniel (visiting from Sweden) woke up about one hour later and then we made us ready to go to school. Came there, as usual, ten past eight.

8.30 –  This morning we had ballet with Susanne and it was a really nice but sweaty lesson. The sweat continued dripping and making the clothes really wet during Jazz afterwards. This week my group (Level 2) had an input instead of the ordinary teacher so we did more of a streetjazz lesson with some funky movements. It’s incrediable funny to be able to try different kind of styles in dance in this one, I really enjoyed altough I had my doubts before ‚cause I thought ît would be more difficult than it was. Or more complicated actually. But it brought so much fun doing it so I think it felt easier than it actually was. He held us ten minutes longer so I ran to the toilet afterwards and made my forehead more or less dry with a papertowel. Thank God to the good cleaning ladies that keep the toilets fresh every day otherwise I would’ve been a real mess during musicalhistory which was the third lesson of the day. We all presented the homework, which was to analyse a song from a musical (given to you the week before) and than also present some facts about the musical. It basically made a lot of fun.

12.30 – Finally food!! Lunchbreak. It’s amazing how nice even just some tortellinis can taste after a couple of hours training. Even gave myself an icecream afterwards 🙂

13.00 – Sitting with my classmate André and going through the musictheory before the class later in the afternoon.

13.45 – Blattsingen, singing notes directly from a sheet. Fifteen necessary minutes with the fabolous Kelle.

14.15 – After a short coffee, interpretation, this time with Zapo instead of the ordinary teacher Willi Welp. Interpretation is a lesson (30 min/week) you get in the 2nd and 3rd year in the school and it’s there to help you to interpretate and also stage the songs your working on. Was a very good and giving lesson that made me think about stuff that I’m not sure I would’ve thought about if Zapo wouldn’t have told me today.

14.45 – Nintey minutes musictheory with…………a lot to learn! But it’s a good teacher who teaches everything from the ground and step by step. Struggling through with my german and trying to catch it up as good as I can.

16.45 – Theatredance with Harald Kratochwill where we’re working on ensemblenumbers with both acting and dancing and doing exercises learning to rely on eachother in a good and energetic way of working.

18.15 – School is actually finish but I have to stay for a while preparing a dancingscene for Drums&Movement with my college and roommate Stefan. More about that next time!

19.00 – Signing out from school for today and heading to a restaurant with Daniel and after a cocktail we left to go home.

23.00 – Writing my blog, turn off my computer and say good night!

„Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.“

                                             Eugene Delacroix  (1798-1863)

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