What is „Talent“?

TALENT. noun: a special natural ability or aptitude.

We all witness it, whether we know it or not, in this academy it’s everywhere. Some people just glow. You couldn’t tell what was special about this person on the train the other night, or the girl walking her dog, it’s just the way they naturally glow. Some people just start to perform and you can not take your eyes of them, this is talent. It’s natural, they call it charisma. About the aptitude or ability part I think it’s someone’s voice color for example, or the way they sing with ease, you either do it or you don’t, but they are those who find comfort in it, in drawing for example, or writing, or even play with numbers and algorithms, it doesn’t have to be about performing, it’s something you like to do, you can do, and when you’ve got the urge to do it, like all of us little Joopies, it becomes passion, it becomes a part of us. At this point it pushes us to accomplish things.

Find your talent, embrace it, hold on to it, keep it preciously, and when it’s late and you can not sleep, let it take you to this amazing place no one else can go to.

„Find your passion (todototodooo) and make it happen“ Flashdance 🙂

Your Robin

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