Trust your instincts

These feelings we have about things, about people, about situation, these first feelings, these ideas, the reactions we have come from our instincts, and that’s a really big part of the acting process.

When we act or perform we have to make it look real, real feelings, real situation, act a situation so good we almost convince our self it’s real life, this is how you can create and touch people. To make it real we have to trust our guts and go for it.

I just read this article about humans having brain cells in the stomachs, this is what scientists call our second brain, no wonder we say „trust your gut“.  No wonder that stress or any nervwrecking situation causes eating disorders, no wonder that when we’re excited or sad, or afraid about something we can feel it in our stomachs. We all walk on this earth only using our head, getting stuck in our thoughts, and trying hard to get it with our minds, not even listening to this voice that comes to us naturally, and that we choose to ignore, and that we slowly forget.

Remember the time you felt like you knew the right answer you just didn’t trust this feeling enough then you lost it, and had to think about the problem, and in the end you went like „I knew it!“. That’s exactly what we have to learn again, have the courage to trust our instincts, and take the risk to be wrong once in a while, but also take the chance to be right most of the time.

We have to open our self, get out of our heads and just trust our basic instincts sometimes. We are people, we have feelings, we are no machines, we can not hope to resolve all our problems with our heads. So when you can’t figure something out, just check if you’re not stuck in your head :).

Your Robin 🙂

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