Wow, everything’s done!

First I have to apologize for my late writing. I visited McDonalds yesterday evening. BigMac with a lot of extras with it. Came home. So far, so fine. After a while I started to get some cramps in my stomach. Suddenly they really bothered me so I went straight to bed. Woke up at 7 at had to run to the bathroom and had a little conversation with the toiletseat on my knees. Went back to bed and thought everything would be fine… until I woke up half past eight again and had a second rendez-vous in the bathroom. Great start of a new day. Now I am sitting here and drinking water (as much as I can handle) and finally trying to complete my blog-artikel.

Yesterday we, the second year, finished our exams doing the acting part. That day didn´t start that good either. Imagine waking up 9.15, knowing you have to be in school 10 am and that you usually have to leave home the same time that you actually wake up. Well, I did it! Realising my cell phone (which also works as my alarm) died during sleeping with no battery left, I flew up from bed and already there booked a cab to pick me up. Made some coffee, packed my stuff, took a shower and left.

When I came to school everything was working as it should and I also had time over to relax. At 11.30 we were supposed to start the performance. Everyone was in a good mood and excited playing infront of an audience for the first time. The show began and except of some details here and there it turned out being a good performance and everyone did a great job. Thank God, we made it at last!

Happy and excited about that, we all went to Le Vent. A small restaurant in the near of Rödingsmarkt celebrating ourselves and for the first time since, don’t know when, relaxing.

Through the rain we runned back to school and killed 2 hours before we entered Studio New York to watch the last years singing exams.

Dennis Kornau

Birgit Busse

Joana Henrique

Maria Walter

Markus Hanse

Martina Windbichler

Nadja Scheiwiller 

All of them had prepared eight different kind of songs in different kind of categories and they all had to sing at least four of them. The performances started at 5pm and continued until 8pm. Wow, the guys did a great job. So happy for you all! Congratulations! Today they’re also going to finish their week of exams with their acting exam. Break a leg!!

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