Finally Friday

8.30 – Friday morning, is like always almost the hardest morning because my body is so stiff and tired after a whole week in school. Even harder then a Monday morning, believe it or not.  Friday mornings always mean: Drumms& movement with Tomislav (like i already wrote last friday). We continued working on our dreams wich we are going to present on friday in two weeks in the presentation class. Wow, even more things to work on, on top off all the material we have to practice for our exam. 

9.30 – The typical friday athmosphere kept on going also during ballet with Tomislav. The poor guy struggled with us for 75min. but in the end it turned out to be a very nice class. It is going to be exciting to hear what the jury thinks about in a little bit more than two weeks.

11.30 – Michael my Michael, the guy who is there for when you need him with his hands playing the piano. Korreptition (30min each week) where I today worked on the beautiful song „The Prayer“ which Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli once sang together. Now it is my turn to do it 😉 and I remade it so I can sing it alone and also just with the english text instead of mixing italian and english like they once did. I always wanted to sing the song but got more inspiration to do it when I last week saw Celine Dions world tour concert here in Hamburg. This woman is so incredible. „Thunderball“ was also a song I worked on today and I am gonna do it for my exam.

12.00 – Stephan Drakulich, one of my singing teachers (I have two) and me had a great lesson where we  mostly worked on „Thunderball“ and suddenly 60 minutes are gone. Incredible…

13.15 – Tap dance with the input teacher Wolf Wrobel who brought a lot of good tips and coaching to our already finished exam-program. Is always good to have more than one person having a look of what you are doing and try to be open for different kind of ideas and ways to do certain things.

14.30 – Speachtechnique with the amazing prof. Marianne Bernhardt with whom I read some really nice poems. MORE ABOUT THAT TOMORROW IN AN UPDATED VERSION.

15.30 – My first longer break where I finally had time to eat lunch (kinda late one, but still), taking a shower and clean up my stuff after the whole week.


17.30 – Officially done for today but kept practicing ensemblesinging with Mandy, Stefan and Frizzi from my class because on tuesday we have to do a good presentation of the two songs we have to sing (one week later the exam in this subject is scheduled).

19.00 – Leaving school for this week.

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