Is it the end ? #JvdEA2018

Life drives us and sometimes we don’t really know where we’re going.
« Sh*t happens » some people will say, « make the best out of it. ». We all act like we know what’s going to happen, and when we don’t or something unexpected happens, our world falls apart. Our whole world fell apart a few days ago, because we don’t know where we’re going anymore.
It all feels like fighting the air. Like catching smoke, it’s just slipping through our fingers.
We looked at each other, and if some things were distracting us before, they are not anymore. We are more present than ever, really with each other, holding each other’s hands. Ready to shine. And if it does rain on our parade, we’ll just dance in the rain, and we will enjoy it.
People need to see the value of what we are learning here, and more important what we could give back to the world : no money could ever buy that. The people that changed the world were creative people : great spirits, beautiful souls, hard worker. Artists. If we are ready to stop creativity, and to shut down the places where it’s celebrated and developed, where is the world going ? This is the real value of this school and the knowledge and the strength that it brings us, not what it costs, not its worth in euros.
But this is an old story, it happened before, and it will happen again.
The point is, there is no fight to fight, we have no enemies. But we will hold on as long as possible. And we will learn, work and be awesome and talented like we’ve always been, maybe even more. We are our own instrument, we can play ourselves wherever, but for now we’ll be playing together, louder than ever, and better than ever.

So we don’t know if this is the end, it might just be a great beginning, and if it is the end, we’ll give it the best finale the world has ever seen.
After all, for now, we are still here. #JvdEA2018
Your Robin 🙂

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