Looking back and going forward

And just like that, it’s a new year.

Time just flies, and we’re already writing a new chapter. I have so much to be thankful for when I look at last year:

I met new people, and got close to people I already knew, I wrote and created a lot, I motivated myself, I found objectives and goals and I fulfilled some of them, I partied like crazy and worked even more like crazy, I took chances, moved from one big city to an other, got inspired by so many stories, and wrote quite an incredible journey myself, gave my life more meaning, I learned soooooo much, I got hurt sooooo much, and the best part is I got back up every time.

I smiled every day.

I got lost and found again, and lost again, but God, I met the most interesting people. I made my family in France bigger, and created a new one in Hamburg. I’ve talked with stupid people and got reminded how some other people are awesome, I heard mean stuff to be reminded to be kind when I talk, I’ve listened to silence to appreciate music. I’ve jumped in cold water and walked in the burning sun, I’ve seen snow and drunk a lot of tea.

I’ve danced like never before.

I fell in love.

I tried new food, and talked other languages. I’ve been angry and then thankful, I’ve been sad and then happy, I’ve been nostalgic and then made new memories. I’ve made good choices and learned from the bad ones.

I got scared, and I grew up. I grew up, and got even more scared.

I’ve seen so much, and felt so much, and lived so much, and for this new year, I’m ready to do it all over again.

Let this year be awesome,

Your Robin 🙂

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